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Whether your business is looking to re-invent itself, go into a new market or improve on performance of its current business, Ambrose Connection Ltd. can provide the expertise and proven methods for your organization to deliver sustainable business solutions.

Opportunities - Identification & Evaluation

Organizations have limited resources available and opportunities need to be evaluated before investing in significant business development efforts. Careful consideration needs to be given to what opportunities to pursue and how to resource each opportunity. Mergers, acquisitions, and partnerships need to be evaluated as well as the potential of cross-industry collaboration or collaboration with competing organizations. Ambrose Connection Ltd. is experienced in identifying and evaluating opportunities and can facilitate the investigation into potential alternative approaches and manage collaborative efforts to deliver the best solution.

Capabilities Assessment

Identifying opportunities requires the skills and resources for developing and supporting profitable and sustainable business ventures. Ambrose Connection Ltd. will work with you to provide the necessary skills and resources to identify and take advantage of business opportunities while monitoring ongoing operations. We will provide an objective evaluation of your organizationís state of readiness to take on the challenge of these new opportunities. Ambrose Connection Ltd. uses a holistic forward-looking approach and has the experience to identify untapped resource potential.

Market Assessment

Looking forward to determine unproven market potential requires a pragmatic approach that can assess not only the size of the market and your organizationís market share potential but also the key element of timing. Ambrose Connection Ltd. looks at the traditional factors that contribute to market potential and considers how the value proposition will be viewed in conjunction with the changing social economic environment in which you operate.


The appropriate type and amount of research is a key element in determining where business opportunities exist and what is required to meet the market needs and expectations. Ambrose Connection Ltd. has the experience to design and execute the appropriate research programme that goes beyond the traditional quantitative and qualitative customer research and looks at other statistical information sources to get a forward-looking perspective on opportunities.

Marketing Strategy

Success and excellence are temporary phenomena. Whether sudden or gradual, businesses often find the need to redirect their marketing efforts, calling for a new marketing strategy. Ambrose Connection Ltd. helps your business develop unique, long-run competitive positioning in your market by understanding your customers' needs, your businesses' competitive advantage, and the overall purpose and direction of your business. Our proven methods cultivate and secure customers, sales, and ultimately profits for our clients.

Business Development

Whether you are searching for answers to overcome specific sales challenges or ways to enhance your organizationís overall sales effectiveness, Ambrose Connection Ltd. will provide practical solutions that are delivered through customized training and coaching programmes. Research combined with front line industry experience enables us to offer unique, innovative and proven ways to accelerate your businesses' sales success.

Client Management

Retaining and expanding business from existing customers costs significantly less than the expense of obtaining new customers. Solid and consistent relationship management practices can make a significant contribution towards customer satisfaction and retention. Ambrose Connection Ltd. provides the tools, training and coaching needed for your staff to measure customer satisfaction and to manage customer expectations effectively.

Product/Service Development & Launch

If your business growth requires a new product or service, Ambrose Connection Ltd. can help you with its development and get it to market on time and on budget. In many cases new products and services can generate sales and profits far earlier in the product life cycle than those products and services targeted by traditional product plans. By carefully aligning optimum market launch timing with a product or service that has the attributes that will meet the early adoptersí needs you can be in the market at a time that will capitalize on the opportunities before competitors, sales channel frustration and price pressures set in. Ambrose Connection Ltd. will help your business reap the early rewards while avoiding costly delays or mistakes.

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