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Information Technology has become an integral asset for every business to work effectively, communicate, collaborate and remain competitive. Whether your business is looking to streamline its operations, consolidate its infrastructure or extend its mobile work force, Ambrose Connection Ltd. will work with you to identify and confirm your requirements, recommend the technical architecture, and design the appropriate solution based on your business objectives. We will project manage and implement a sustainable solution to address your needs while staying within your budget.

Our information technology services include...

IT Strategic Planning

The world of technology is constantly changing. In order to stay focused and achieve your business goals and objectives, every organization needs a plan. IT Strategic planning is the process of defining your organization's strategy and direction and making the necessary decisions on how to allocate resources and pursue your strategy. Ambrose Connection Ltd. works with you to create and document your organization's plan, identifying the current state, aligning the future state with your business goals and objectives and developing the road map for your organization to follow into the future.

Project Management

Project management has been one of the most overlooked areas in implementing IT projects and this causes the majority of projects to be over schedule and/or over budget, if ever completely implemented. Ambrose Connection Ltd. uses a structured methodology and a disciplined approach to project management, identifying stakeholders, confirming requirements and budgets, defining milestones and the communications process and executing your projects, on time and on budget.

Networking/Mobile Workforce

Today’s businesses can have resources spread across the city, nation or even the globe. With current business applications having to co-exist on the same network infrastructure as legacy applications and be available to remote offices and workers, contention for network resources typically impedes the performance of your applications and, as a result, impacts your businesses efficiency. We help you assess network strategies that support your business goals, design and implement global and domestic networks, optimize application performance and availability and refine your network to meet your changing business needs.

Business Continuity Planning/Disaster Recovery

What if your router or firewall were to go down? What if there were a fire in your server room or if your email system were down for one week? What if you were audited or had a pending lawsuit and needed to retrieve data from several years ago? What if you had a rogue employee?

Whether your IT systems need to be online and available 24/7, whether you need a long term data storage solution or you need to create and document a disaster recovery plan, Ambrose Connection Ltd. can help you identify mission critical data and systems. We can design and implement a plan that keeps your business going and aligns with your organization's needs.

Systems Integration & Migration

As technology and time progress, applications, data and hardware often need to be upgraded and integrated to fulfill the challenging demands of today’s organizations. Ambrose Connection Ltd. can help you identify, integrate, convert and upgrade your data and systems ensuring your business continues to run smoothly.

Our systems implementation services are designed for any business that needs support in installing, configuring, and integrating software solutions. Our systems implementation services enable your business to quickly meet your technology objectives by installing and integrating the appropriate software solution into your overall business process. Ambrose Connection Ltd. can help you solve real business problems throughout a wide variety of industries and business functions.

Whatever your businesses' information technology requirements may be, let Ambrose Connection Ltd. look after you! For more information, contact us today!

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